New version database update (Q Mac)

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After installing the new version today, the 'update database' function stalls and never completes


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    @s_steve  By "new version", are you referring to the 6.2.2 update for Quicken Mac?

    What version were you previously using. (Specifically, was it 6.2.1, or some older version?) I didn't think the 6.2.1. to 6.2.2. update performed a database update, but it may have happened so quickly that I missed it. But if you were updating from an older version, you may have a scenario the developers didn't program for. 

    What version of macOS are you running?

    I can only report that the update installed fine on my computers with Quicken, and so far, yours is the first such report I've seen of any problem with the update. so the more information you provide about your environment, the more likely the developers will be able to find the problem if there is one.

    Meanwhile, can you try opening your previous data file in Quicken 6.2.2. again? that is, find your latest backup prior to installing 6.2.2, make a copy of it, and then try to open that backup. This will either work, and we may never know why it stalled originally, or it may repeat the same behavior, which would clearly indicate a bug.
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