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I have had an Etrade account for several years. I bought shares of three securities in January of 2021 from cash in the account. The "Gain/Loss YTD (%)" column shows 9.1% when Etrade shows 20% for the same account for the same YTD period. THe three securities that I bought have "grayed out N/A" in Gain/Loss YTD (%) and Gain/Loss 12-Month Period (%). It seems inconceivable that performance would not include securities purchased during the year on which there have been gains. For instance, the three securities that I purchased have gains of 12.8%, 71.6% and 25.4%. I am fairly sure that if these were calculated in with the other securities that I owned at the beginning of the year, the result would be similar or the same as Etrade's. The transactions for the three securities are simple BUY transactions. Help would be appreciated.


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    Hmmm, I can see this on a security I purchased last month. The YTD values are N/A, and the gain/loss is not being included in the YTD Gain/Loss. This seems to me to be a bug.

    You can correctly see the gain/loss and percentage for the securities purchased this year in the Gain/Loss and Gain/Loss(%) columns, as shown below....

    The Gain/Loss (Market Value minus Cost/Basis) and Gain/Loss % (Gain/Loss divided by Cost/Basis) are calculated correctly here.

    But when you add the YTD columns, they display as N/A:

    Worse, the Gain/Loss amount is not included in the YTD totals for the securities being shown, so the YTD total and % total are incorrect. I can't think of a valid reason for this not being included in the YTD values, so unless someone else can chime in with an explanation for this behavior, I think this should be reported as a bug.

    To do so, go to Help > Report a Problem and submit a clear description. (I will do the same.) You won't receive any acknowledgement from such a submission, but if Quicken can replicate the issue, it will be passed to the developers for a fix. 

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