Reimbursement: What's the plan for frustrated customers that aren't getting what they paid for

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Quicken has not been working correctly for at least 3 months now. When I paid for this product I expected it to work like it had been for the many years I have been paying for it. I cannot rely on this program to work. What is the plan for your frustrated customers that are not getting what they paid for?


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    Have you contacted Quicken Customer Care or posted your problem(s) here in the community?
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    @amandaf This is the first message that you've posted using this User ID.  SO,  it's not obvious that you've previously sought help for your issues.
    IF you care to state the issues in this forum, perhaps someone can help.
    We'd also need to know:
    • What Q product are you running, what BUILD of that product and what's the "Membership Valid Thru" date of your product.  This info can be found at HELP, About Quicken.
    • Are you getting any error codes or messages?  If so,  what's the exact wording?
    • If the problem(s) are with downloading transactions, what's the name of the financial institutions involved, as  known  to Quicken and what's your download method for each?  This can be found at  TOOLS, Account List.
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    I think the point he is trying to make is that Quicken is not working as well as it used to, and I suspect a majority of the users reading this also know that. So with that being the case does it really matter what the problem is? Of course not! Like many he'll get a work around for the problems .. okay so does that solve the problem and make Quicken all okay again, I suspect not. The problems that exist, just keep existing. He wants to know if quicken know, that we know, that it's running at about 50% of what it to say in 2017. He also would like to know what quicken has done to address the hundreds of issues users have posted on the community on a daily basis on this blog, and I think it's a fair and honest question.  The Quicken CEO has disappeared, as we sure don't hear from him in a time of crisis (now). So, @NotACPA would it be incorrect for me to retract what I just stated, or could you recognize that what he said and what I said is in fact true and happening? This community blog is for all users with questions, and he has a legitimate one. I think he deserves to ask a realistic question about a realistic problem. He and I would just like Quicken fixed so we don't have to come here to ask why doesn't this or that work.... Let him vent he wants to, needs to, and wants to know why he has to do to get his Quicken to just "WORK" like it used to. Look at it this way, if when you had to drive to work 10 miles everyday, and there was only 1 gas station within 15 miles of your house, but the gas that that gas station is now supplying is affecting your care where the mileage is only 5 mpg, it sputters, spits coughs, runs okay for a block or two then stops. You call the gas station and they just tell you to let it set and try it again in the morning. They say that sometime Premium gas will work, sometimes mid grade will work, sometimes the regular works fine, but we just never know what will run okay, or when it won't or if it will be only a problem with the non alcohol! But be assured we havent forgot you, we have a full crew at the gas station to help you anytime you call. Your only question is "last year the gas ran fine in my car but now doesn't. What is being done to fix the problem? Who do I escalate this to to find an answer. If the people in the swamp had the answer, then the swamp would be drained by now, right? Would that be a fair question @NotACPA? Would you get to a point where you'd write a letter to the CEO to ask, or is there one it's been so long since we've heard form one that we're not even sure there's one left. Maybe he left, or got fired and took a his earned 30 million he got, took all the emplyees that were any good and is starting a ne petroleum company on tin-buck two. So what would you say then @NotACPA. So you're not a CPA, and it's obvious you're not a phycologist, so just let him vent. He is paying for his right to do that, don't you think? Desperate times calls for desperate measures!