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Budget report totals much larger than categories sum

Toporion Member ✭✭
I just ran a regular budget report and the INCOME and EXPENSE Actual totals are significantly higher than the sum of the category totals shown below. I am using the latest version of Quicken Premier Version R33.24 on Windows 10.

I have tried different options, including selecting All accounts, and All categories, and reviewing a Transaction report but I cannot find the transaction(s) that would cause this discrepancy. Could this be a new bug?

In the report settings, Advanced tab, the issue goes away if I exclude internal transfers. This seems to indicate a large transfer within a category but how do I find it? The total is off by around$9k so it would be a large amount.

I added a test Internal Transaction into one of my accounts for a large amount and that transaction appears on the report. So I am wondering if my original issue is a new bug.


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    I'm not sure what is going wrong, but "Internal Transfer" refers to a balance adjustment transaction.  For instance if you are in the account "Checking", the category would be [Checking].
    This is my website:
  • Toporion
    Toporion Member ✭✭
    Digging a little deeper into my issue, it looks like the discrepancy is due to including transfers on my budget report. Any transaction where I move money from one category to another gets added to the total (like paying a loan, mortgage, or moving cash from checking to savings).

    I want to have transfers selected because I budget for these and I want to track them in my report. But they throw off the Income and Expense totals. I guess it does not matter moving forward as I am mainly interested in the category totals.

    I wonder, though, if there is a better budgeting approach.
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