Why does the Customer ID not update for AllyBank?


I changed both my password and Customer ID for AllyBank from the One Step Update Settings window by clicking on the Key symbol.  I got a success message, but when I ran the one step update I got a 503 error. 

I then selected the Fix It button and was given the opportunity to input my log on credentials again.  I noticed that the Customer ID was not changed and entered both the new password and new Customer ID.  Again, I got a success message, but when I ran the one step update I got a 503 error. 

I then used my logon credentials to logon to the AllyBank site.  No problem with logon.  I went to the password vault and the Customer ID was shown as the old ID.  I also went to Edit account details and the old ID was in the grayed out Customer ID field.

Since I could not get the Customer ID to update, I deactivated the account and then reactivated it.  I then ran the one step update successfully.  When I reactivated the account I was asked for a pin that was sent to my phone number.  The other two times I entered the new credentials I was not asked for the pin.

I looked on the blog for solutions, but the two I saw recommended deactivation and reactivation.  This works, but does not make sense, because the entry field for the Customer ID is editable field (not grayed out) in the window for changing the password. 

Deactivation/Reactivation got me by the problem for now, but I would like to know the proper way to update the Customer ID or if this is a Quicken bug. 


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    The standard procedure for updating Quicken with a new login ID for an account requires the account to be deactivated and then reactivated with the new login ID.  Being required to do it this way is not a bug, it is by design.
    Now, I do not know why you were able to do the one-off updates by manually entering your new ID.  I did not think that would be possible but then maybe that is by design, too...or maybe it is a bug.  Maybe someone else can weigh in on this point.

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