Where are my memorized reports?

SusieD Member
I had to buy the online Quicken, because the new OS was not supported with the Quicken I used for many years, and now I cannot find my memorized reports. Where are they?!


  • RickO
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    Did you upgrade from Quicken Mac 2007? If so, unfortunately, memorized reports are not carried over. You will have to recreate them in the new version.
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  • SusieD
    SusieD Member
    too bad... not happy about it. Oh well
  • jacobs
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    Just to clarify, Quicken Mac is not "online Quicken". It lives on your Mac's hard drive, just as Quicken 2007 always did. You have the option of syncing to Quicken's cloud service so you can access much of your data via the companion mobile app and/or a web interface.

    In terms of reports, when the new Quicken Mac came out, the reports could not do a lot of things that report sin Quicken 2007 could, so there was no way to import and map them. Over the past few years, Quicken Mac's reports have gotten a lot more robust and capable, but the developers didn't go back to try to write code to import Quicken 2007 reports. (We're still hoping to see additional functionality added to reports in the future.)

    There's a bit of a learning curve in adapting to the modern Quicken user interface, so try not to get frustrated that things are different. For the most part, the differences are not better or worse, just different. Some things are better in modern Quicken Mac; some things are missing because the developers are slowly (very slowly) building the functionality in the current version which was re-created from the ground up a number of years ago. Use the built-in Help for a lot of how-to questions, and use this forum if you're stumped and need help. :) 
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