Unexpectedly lost saved transaction entries

Yesterday I was entering transactions (receipts for purchases) into my Visa register/file, like I do every week for years. After entering about ten transactions, I was unable to save the last one. When I clicked on the “save” button, the transaction would not save and the computer moved automatically the cursor to the “Memo” field. The Visa register/file got stuck and I was unable to do anything else with it except close it by clicking on the “home” button. When I opened the Visa file again the unsaved transaction was still there, but again, I could not save it. I tried repeatedly.
So, I exited Quicken, restarted computer and opened Quicken app again. Much to my surprise, all previously entered and saved 10 transactions disappeared. Also transactions entered, saved and backed up on two external HDs disappeared all the way to 06/07/2021. This was weird because all my latest backups are dated 06/21/2021 and, therefore, all transactions up to 06/21/2021 should be included.
1) The ten transactions I entered and saved yesterday should not have disappeared. How can I find them?
2) How come that unrelated transactions from two external HD also disappeared all the way to 06/07/2021?
3) What should I do next? Should I reinstall Quicken before I try to enter all transactions starting 06/07/2021, which will be a lot of work??


  • Boatnmaniac
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    Do you have Mobile & Web Sync turned on (Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Web)? 
    Sometimes the Sync process fails to update properly and the data on the Cloud Acct has become corrupted or locked.  There are a couple of ways to try to fix this:
    1)  RESET CLOUD ACCOUNT:  Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Web > Sync = On > Reset your cloud account > follow the prompts.  This will often fix issues like this but if it does not...
    • File > New Quicken File > name it whatever you want to > no need to set up any accounts > Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Web > Sync = On > OK > Edit > Preferences > Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts > Cloud accounts associated with this Quicken ID > click on the Cloud Account Name associated with your MAIN Quicken file (not this new Quicken file) > Delete > follow the prompts.
    • When the deletion process is completed, open your main data file.  You will likely be requested to login with your current Quicken ID and PW.  Quicken will then recreate your Cloud Account and sync with it.
    Let me know if any of these things helped solve your issue.  If it is still an issue there are a couple of other things we can try.
    BTW, once you are done doing these things, if you are not using Quicken Mobile or Quicken on the Web, it is usually a very good idea to make sure that Mobile & Web Sync is turned off.  Sync only needs to be turned on if you use Mobile or Web and keeping it on when you do not use these features increases the risk that at some point the Cloud Account will cause some problems.

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  • Robi
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    Thank you for your suggestion. However, I do not have Mobile & Web Sync turned on. I do not store any of my financial information in the cloud.
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    @Robi - I guess I should have been a little more clear.  Cloud Account sync issues can and do occur even when Sync is turn off.  The risk of encountering Cloud Account sync issues is lower if Sync is turned off.
    What many people do not understand is that everyone who has been using Quicken for several years now has a Cloud Account. Even though you do not use Mobile & Web and you do not have Sync turned on, your Quicken does some syncing to your Cloud Account and you do have some information in your Cloud Account.  The most notable data in your Cloud Account are IDs and PWs that are used with EWC accounts for OSU.  There is other data saved there, too, like categories, which subscription edition you have, whether your subscription is active or expired and more.  But account financials are not saved there.
    So, your Cloud Account could still be out of sync with your data file.  I do recommend trying to Reset your Cloud Account and, if that doesn't fix your issue, Deleting your Cloud Account.

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