QM didn't download a fund purchase. Best way to correct?

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On June 18 I purchased additional shares of a bond fund at Fidelity. QM Deluxe Version 6.2.2 didn't download it. Is there a way to "force" QM to look for missing transactions to download or should I just make a manual entry for the account?



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    No, there is no way to "force" QM to look for missing transactions to download. It's hard to know if Fidelity didn't provide the transaction to Quicken, or Quicken somehow thought it was a duplicate transaction and didn't add it. Sometimes there's a delay between the actual purchase date and the brokerage's settlement date, so if this was within a few days, I would say to wait a few more -- but you're saying this was 11 days ago. If its just this single isolated transaction, I would just enter it manually; it'll take just a few seconds. Then just watch next time try do an update with Fidelity to make sure your holdings and account balance in Quicken match your account at Fidelity. If the account balance is off, scroll back to the beginning of time in this account to see if Quicken inserted a placeholder transaction, and delete it; Quicken could have done this if it didn't receive your purchase transaction but was trying to make your balance match with Fidelity.
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    jacobs, thanks for confirming there's no way to get QM to recheck its downloads. The account balance is correct with the missing purchase sitting as cash in a placeholder transaction. I'll make the manual correction and get rid of the placeholder. Thanks again for your clear explanation.
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