Can I switch between operating systems?

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I originally (yesterday) signed up on my computer which is an hp. I also wanted to continue using daily on my mobile which is an apple iPhone 12 Pro max. Is my account interchangeable?


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    The mobile apps are companion applications that interface with either Windows or Mac. They are not stand alone applications. You can have a Windows Quicken installation and a Mac Quicken installation under the subscription model currently used by Quicken.
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    Quicken is a computer product so it can only be used on a computer.  It cannot be loaded onto a mobile device.  However, Quicken does have a Mobile companion app which allows you to access some (not all) of your Quicken data on a mobile device.  Quicken also allows you to access some of your Quicken data from any computer with Quicken on the Web.  Both of these features are included in your Quicken subscription at no additional cost.
    Here is a high level overview of Quicken Mobile:
    There is also a lot of information about Quicken Mobile that can be found in this Community forum:
    And you might want to read up on Quicken on the Web here:

    Quicken Classic Premier (US) Subscription: R57.16 on Windows 11

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