scheduled transactions after converting from mac to windows

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I'm trying to convert my subscription quicken for mac deluxe to now subscription quicken for windows.
for some reason all my scheduled transactions came through, but only as a one time deal (the reoccurring schedule is gone) and i can't edit or delete these transactions.
how do i fix this?


  • Chris_QPW
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    That's interesting I never remember the scheduled transactions being transferred in the past.
    I tried this as an export from Quicken Windows to Quicken Windows and saw the same thing.

    All the scheduled transactions were in the "Done" status, so basically useless, but like you said you can't delete them.  What worked for me to get rid of them is to run Validate and Repair:
    File -> Validate and Repair... -> select Validate file -> OK
    This is my website:
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    Quicken Windows can help you reestablish your scheduled reminders.
    Go into Tools / Manage Bill & Income Reminders.
    There's an Options button in the upper right hand corner of the view.
    Mouse over Suggest Reminders in the popup. This opens another window with two options available in black. Click both of them to enable (checkmark) them unless one or both of them already is enabled.
    Based on your existing transactions in the converted file,  Quicken will now start to suggest which of these should be created as scheduled reminders.
    You can also create new reminders from existing register transactions. Just right-click a register transaction and select "Add reminder" from the popup menu.

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