I could not get the 50% off offer due to confusing web page behavior

I tried to take advantage of the 50% offer offer. I entered payment information. And my Quicken ID. But when I hit Submit, it took me to a login page, with the ID and password. Once past that screen, it took me to a page offering only a 40% discount. What happened? Didn't it take my order? Why make this so hard?


  • jacobs
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    Certain offers are available only to new subscribers, and they change or disappear if you log in as a current/recent subscriber. If you're new to Quicken, you should have received whatever offer you received. 

    As for whether your order was placed, I would think you should know if you completed the transaction -- entering your credit card number, receiving as confirmation, etc.  If you log into your account on Quicken.com, click on your membership to see your status.

    If you believe something was done wrong, you need to contact Quicken Support, as they are the only ones who can issue refunds or change subscription status. 
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  • I have never subscribed to Quicken. I have only purchased various versions of it over the years. The ad came up WITHIN the Quicken program. So, it obviously knew I had purchased the version I was using. And yet it still offered the 50% discount, but ultimately would not give it to me.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    What version of Quicken are you using? From Quicken --> Help --> About Quicken
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  • jacobs
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    For future advice, if you ever see one of these offers op up which you're interested in, capture a screenshot of the offer. Then you can reach out to Quicken Support for help if the website isn't accepting the offer; they can usually make it work to get the deal you were offered (assuming you were indeed eligible for it).

    No one on this site can help with purchase/renewal/upgrade pricing matters; you have to reach out the Quicken Support for that. 
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