I just added a new brokeragee account and can't find the register or transaction screens

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The new account has an opening screen that I didn't see in previous investment accounts. I can't figure out how to get to the account register or the enter transaction screen. How do I get the investment account to look like my other investment accounts ?
Thank you. Betty .


  • Doubleb
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    I'm using Quiken for Windows, Home and Business 2017
  • Tom Young
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    Are you sure this really is an "Investment" Account, not an "Asset" Account of some sort?  I just don't remember ever having any "alternative" presentations in a pre-subscription Investment Account.
    Posting a picture of what you're seeing would certainly help.
  • UKR
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    @Doubleb is using an unsupported Quicken version, so the only way to add a new investment account is by creating an offline ("manual") account.
    During account creation there will be a setup screen asking for Opening Date, Opening Balance and another one for any share holdings already in the account prior to today.
    Simply fill out the list of any holdings you have and select Next. Follow additional prompts to complete account setup. Or, if you're starting with an empty account, select 0.00 Opening Balance and skip entering holdings.
    The new account will appear in the Account Bar using the account name you have chosen during setup (may default to "Brokerage"). Click it to go to the account register.