Why don't my balances match

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When I am in my checking register - Transaction Date set for All Dates The Today's Balance on top right of the register and the last entry balance match. If I select 30 days or 60 days etc the Today's Balance on top right is correct but the bottom right balance by the last entry is 400,000++ off.Anyone know how to fix this? I tried talking to support yesterday, he had me look back several days at backups and they were incorrect as well. Impossible to balance my statement.


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    Is the incorrect balance your Current Balance or Online Balance?
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    Why are you changing the date filter in order to reconcile your account? You don't need to. Leave the account filter showing All Dates and click on Reconcile; the reconcile window will show you all the transactions not previously reconciled, up tot eh end date you enter.

    If you do set the Date filter to 30 days or 60 days, then make sure that no other filters are set, and make sure the register is sorted by Date (click on the Date heading). 
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