How to get an update

I have Quicken installed on two PCs, A and B. Occasionally when I run my daily OSU on both, I get the message that a new version of Q is available. I typically install the new version on PC A then wait a while before installing it on B -- just in case something breaks.

What puzzles me is that when I go to Help->Check for Updates, both tell me I have the latest version of Quicken. But A says Release R 33.24 and B says Release R 34.16

This happens every time there is an update. After a few days I get the message on B that the new version is available and I install it.

How can both be the “latest version” and how can I force the update on B?


  • Sherlock
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    Quicken distributes new updates to a limited number of users to determine if the update has any major flaws.  If all goes well, the staged update will be promoted to be the latest version.  At this time R 33.24 is the latest version and R 34.16 is a staged update. 

    If you want to update to R34.16, I suggest you download and apply the US Mondo Patch Update.