Unexplained checking account debit

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Quicken Mac 6.2.2, Safari, Mac OS 11.4 (Big Sur). Yesterday I updated info on 3 credit cards, replacing previous ones that had been lost in a pickpocket incident in Ecuador. All went well. This morning all accounts updated, and my checking account balance in Quicken matched that on the bank website (Chase). An hour later, after another update with the circular arrow icon, about $13K disappeared from the checking account, but only on Quicken: previous correct balance is displayed via Chase online. Looking at all transactions to date on Quicken (~5 years), there are no unexplained debits of any amount, certainly none matching the new $13K difference.

What's going on and how to correct it? I'm aware I can enter an undistributed correction factor to match the bank balance, but would prefer to correct the problem if it can be identified.

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    Hello @H3MD

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize you are having difficulties. This is very peculiar and I would recommend checking a few things in your account register. For instance, check to see if there are any opening balances, balance adjustment(s), or transfers. 

    Note that the 13K may not be coming from just one transaction, it could be a deficit from several ones. If you are unable to find any discrepancies whatsoever, I would recommend restoring a recent backup and attempt to update again. 

    Please let us know if you have any error codes/messages. 

    -Quicken Paloma 
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    You might also want to hold tight and wait until after the holiday weekend. When credit cards get canceled and replaced, the credit card company may be generating some offsetting negative and positive transactions to maintain the correct balance but reflect the change of cards -- and sometimes it takes a day or two for all the pieces of that they're doing behind the scenes to post and download correctly. 
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    Thanks to both. I'll sit tight until after the holiday weekend.

    Paloma, your advice to revert to a back-up makes sense if necessary, but to be avoided if possible. The glitch appeared after I spent 1-2 hr re-categorizing ~50 transactions that had been mis-allocated after the credit card change: I'm not keen on doing that again! If the problem persists and I can't find early debit(s) to explain the situation -- and if Chase web services can't resolve it -- I'll just go forward with an uncategorized balance correction.

    Thanks again to both-- H3MD
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