I can't log into the Community (I know that doesn't make sense...)

Somehow I managed to log in with this account last week and thank goodness I haven't deleted my cookies. I tried to log in the other day from work; says that this QuickenID doesn't exist. I got back on here using the saved cookie (obviously) but when I opened an incognito window from this same computer again the website told me this Quicken ID doesn't exist.

For what it's worth, I *do* have a subscription for the Quicken software but that subscription is attached to a different email. For personal reasons I want to keep this email for posts to the Community.

What's going on, and whom/how do I contact someone to get this resolved?

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  • MattG
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    Thanks for that, but it doesn't help me resolve the issue that I cannot log into the community website on a different computer, different browser, incognito browser, etc. I can't explain to you how I managed to log in with this email address because, simply put, I can't get back in from anywhere using this email address. I got in once. I apparently can't get back in again.

    I discovered this because I tried to log in from my work computer and wasn't able to. Came home, got on my "normal" browser where I'd logged in before, and I could get in. I started an incognito browser because I didn't want to wipe my cookies, and I couldn't log in.

    So I'm still stuck. If I lose this cookie, looks like I'm going to lose the ability to use this account because according to the website, this QuickenID doesn't exist.

    Well, I opened an incognito browser and even though I'm using my gmail account for this, it let me create another account using my gmail address. I guess we'll see if I can still post here with this, and whether or not the website will let me use this username.
  • MattG
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    Test post please ignore
  • MattG
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    Well, it appears that re-creating my account has sorted things out. We'll see. Thanks for the response kind person.
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