Reinvest Dividends (Q Mac)

I am trying to record a reinvestment for a dividend in a mutual fund. I do this every month. All of a sudden quicken will not record the number of share involved in the transaction and records them as zero. Not sure what to do.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Can you capture a screen shot of what you are entering?

    If you open Window > Securities and open that mutual fund, click on the Price History tab. Are recent dates and closing prices included in the table? 

    It sounds as if you don't download transactions in this account and enter them manually -- is that correct?  (If you download anything, I would check the earliest date in the transaction register for the account to see if Quicken inserted a placeholder transaction, for which is doesn't know the cost/basis.)
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  • southendguy
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    Hello Jacobs,

    I manually enter in all transactions for this account and have never had an issue with Quicken not recording the number of shares reinvested dividend. i do have the share price auto downloaded. I had recently switched from Windows to a Mac for Quicken. I tried to reconcile the number of shares in the account and Quickened wanted to reconcile the cash value and not the number of shares. At the end of the reconcile, Quicken wanted to adjust the account thus doubling what was in the account. Let say Shares with a Value of $1000 and $1000 cash value thus saying the account had $2000 when it only had $1000 dollars. I am wondering if this was the reason why Quicken would not record the shares in the transaction with this issue.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    It sounds like you might have a Placeholder transaction, or some other transaction for which Quicken does not have the cost/basis. Go back to the beginning of your transactions in this account to search for a placeholder, and scroll through the transaction history to see if anything else looks amiss. 
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