Stock Sale Not Appearing in Portfolio

R Strax
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I sold Stock A on 6/11/21. This appears in "transactions". I then purchased Stock B on 6/14. The "portfolio" view still shows Stock A and B in my current portfolio as of 7/5/21. The portfolio view does not acknowledge the sale of stock A. I don't see any way to manually remove this stock from my portfolio.

To summarize - "transactions" shows the stock sale and proceeds credited to my balance, but "portfolio" still shows the stock in my current portfolio. The "price and holdings as of" date is correct. I can't manually remove the sold stock from the portfolio view.

What do I do next?


  • jacobs
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    I'll answer your question with several more questions, which will help us get to the bottom of the situation... ;)

    Are you entering your transactions manually or downloading from your brokerage?

    Is the Sell transaction showing the number of shares sold and value of the sale correctly? That is, if you sold 100 shares at $10, does it show
       Total Sale $1,000.00
       Number of Shares 100
       Price per Share $10.00 

    On the Portfolio view, filtered for Portfolio Value, Group by Security, how many sales of Stock A does it show? The original amount? A tiny remainder? What is the Market Value shown for Stock A?

    If you set the As Of date to June 30, does the Market Value in Quicken agree or disagree with the market value on your brokerage statement as of June 30? 
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