I chose the wrong option when starting Quicken. How can I get a clean start?

I chose to do it manually instead of the first option, to let Quicken do it. Now I am stuck.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I'm not clear about what is wrong that you want to fix or change.

    If you're talking about an account which you set for manual, you can change that at any time to download from your financial institution. Click on the account in the left sidebar, and select Accounts > Settings from the menu, or click the Settings icon on the bottom menu bar on the far right. Click on the Downloads tab, then click the Connect Account button, and you can proceed to find your financial institution and enter your login for that account.

    If you're talking about something else, or truly want to start over, simply select File > New, and on the next screen, select Start from Scratch to create a new data file.
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