User selected / defined periods for Budget reports (Q Mac)

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Quicken for Mac Subscription needs the ability to have the USER define the periods for a report on budget vs. actual. The report should allow the user to select the start date (month) and the end date (month) to give budget and transactions for a given period, such as a quarter, 6 months, etc. The present options are for 1 month (selectable) or year to date. The latter includes any transactions in any period in a given year. So once transactions have posted for July, it is NOT possible to get a January to June (6 month) report to show activity for only those months. This is a very significant draw back. Quicken has the ability to select a given month, so it should be easy to create the user's ability to select beginning and ending months for the budget and the actual transactions.


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    @cmtecca. Yes, this is the number one user request to fix with Quicken Mac budgets. Please take a few seconds to visit this existing Idea topic (requesting new features or functionality) and add your vote for this feature by clicking the little arrow in the yellow box under the first post. 
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