Import Costco transaction data from Mint into QMac

I'm transitioning from Mint by using the Mint Export All Transactions feature to a CSV spreadsheet file.

I open the CSV file, sort it by Account Name. This allows me to cut and paste transaction data for individual accounts into a new CSV spreadsheet file. This step is not necessary for import into Quicken, but I prefer to import one account at a time.

The Quicken Import menu has a selection for importing Mint transaction data, which I found correctly imports information into the matching data fields. However, the import created a new separate credit card with the Mint transactions, with a slightly different name. The same account already existed when I set up Quicken and downloaded transactions. The two accounts shown in Quicken are now:
Costco Citi CC from Mint.csv and Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card by Citi

The Costco Citi CC from Mint.csv has transactions for the past 5 years. While the Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card by Citi only has transactions for 90 days. Is there any way to combine the accounts or is it easier to just keep the mint transaction data for historical reference and continue to use the Costco Anywhere Visa Business Card by Citi account, that Quicken created during setup. If kept as historical and live accounts I would make sure to delete any duplicate transactions that appear in both accounts so that this year's spending and budgets are correct.

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    Don't have the MAC info -
    but these are the 2 Costco Accounts that Quicken WINDOWS appears to know about -
    65994    65994    65994    Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi    NA    ACTIVE                  
    25800    25800    25800    Costco Credit Card    1-800-788-9968    ACTIVE                  

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    I found a way to combine Imported Mint historical data with live Direct connect accounts. There are two caveats.

    Transactions that were split in Mint will not match the direct download data and the original transaction will be imported. However, these unmatched transactions will be marked with a green dot to the left of the transaction. Also, the current balance will need to be adjusted with an adjusting entry. This is due to the Unmatched transactions and possibly that the imported Mint data is not complete to when the account was opened. Most financial institutions provide a limited date range for Direct Connect transaction downloads. So if you don't mind looking back through 3-6 months of transactions to find and adjust the Mint split transactions this process appears to work.

    I performed the following:

    1. Delete Quicken account(s) that I have historical transactions in Mint.
    2. Export Mint transactions to .CSV file and import into Quicken. Which will recreate the account(s)
    3. Edit the new account(s) in Quicken to verify that it has the correct type such as Credit Card.
    4. Edit the Download settings in Quicken for the account and connect to the financial institution and download transactions.
    5. New transactions that were downloaded will be marked with a green dot.
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    If you haven't done your other accounts yet, there's a much easier way. Simply select all the transactions in the imported account account, and drag and drop onto the other account which is set up for downloading. Go through to eliminate any duplicate transactions. You can delete the now-empty account.
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