i have Quicken 2015 2.9.7 and want to upgrade. What version of Quicken should I upgrade too

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I will be upgrading my mac to operating system OS Big Sur. Should I upgrade operating system before upgrading Quicken


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    There is only one version to upgrade to: the current Quicken subscription version called simple Quicken Mac. (They no longer use annual year numbers on the product, since it is continually upgraded.)

    The upgrade from Quicken 2015 to current Quicken Mac should be fairly fast and painless. Although there have been many advancements over the past 6 years, the program fundamentally works the same as what you're used to.

    As for whether two upgrade your macOS or Quicken first, it may or may not matter. It actually depends on your current operating system. Current Quicken Mac requires macOS High Sierra (10.13) or later, so if you have an earlier version of macOS, you'll have to upgrade your macOS before you'll be able to run the current Quicken Mac. Conversely, I think Quicken 2015 will still work on Big Sur, so you could upgrade your macOS first, and then upgrade Quicken at your convenience.
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