Quicken will not open on Mac

I just installed Quicken on my mac and the application will not open. I tried uninstalling an d reinstalling a few times with no luck. When I right-click on the icon, it displayed a message saying "application not responding"

I hope there is a fix for this. I just spent several hours linking accounts and setting up the application before closing it and experiencing this issue. I checked my mac for updates and it is up to date. Im running Big Sur 11.4


  • jacobs
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    Try launching Quicken without opening your most recent data file: hold down the Shift key when you launch Quicken. It should ask you if you want to open your most recent data file, but click Cancel. This should take you to the Getting Started screen. Select that you want to create a new file from scratch. Create a dummy bank account (you don't have to link it online). Quit Quicken. Relaunch Quicken. Does it work correctly for you? Now, with Quicken running, try to open your real data file, which should be accessible on the File > Open Recent menu. Does it open okay or does it stall?

    If you still get a stall at this point, it sounds like your data file is somehow corrupted. Can you go back to your most recent automatic backup (the last time you quit Quicken without a Force Quit). You might have to re-do some work, but if this works, you can move ahead with this file. 

    Oh, also: is your data file stored on Dropbox or iCloud? If so, that's a no-no which can result in unexpected behavior and problems. Your data file should live on your hard drive. (Backups are okay to be stored on a cloud storage service.
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  • RMat
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    Thank you for your response. The application will not open even when I hold the shift key (I also attempted to hold the control key as well). I was able to get the application to pen when I used a different user account on my mac.

    I went back to my main account and deleted the app and even all the quicken files in my library. Then I reinstalled the app and it still won't open. I'm stuck
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Hmmm, this sounds odd. Do you get any message when you try to launch it after this reinstall, with the Shift key held down? The same "application no responding message"? I assume you've restarted your Mac somewhere along the way in testing this, right? If not, try that (although it seems unlikely to be the cure). 

    And it worked fine in another user account on your Mac? That tells us there's something in your user account causing a problem with Quicken trying to launch.

    I'm not on Big Sur, but I am not aware of any reports like this previously. My first instinct is to ask if you have anti-virus software running, as AV products are known to sometimes interfere with software. But I'm not aware of any such interactions with Quicken, and your anti-virus software would be working on the other user account, so that doesn't seem likely. Do you have any other programs or utilities which installed kernel extensions which could be interfering?

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