After recent update, credit card account got changed to a loan. How do I convert it back?

I've been using a specific credit card account since 2008. I use it for all my normal monthly spending, therefore I have all my bill reminders set up to go to that account when I enter them. After the last Quicken update (did not change versions, just updates) this account somehow was converted to a loan. It now shows loan balance, etc on the register view, and it changed all my bill reminder accounts to a different account (appears to have chosen the first alphabetical account). Is there some way to change this back? I've looked anywhere and can't see how to do it. I don't really want to have to start a new account since I've been using this one for 13 years.


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    Hi @""Marvin McDonald" ,

    Restore your Manual Backup file that you should have created or restore the Automatic Backup, Quicken creates prior to the upgrade / update.

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  • This issue started about 2-3 months ago so I do not know the exact date that it started. I back up my data each time I use Quicken, but I do not append the date to the backup name so I only have the one most current backup.
    I exported all the transactions from this account to a TXT file thinking I could delete the corrupted account and then import the transactions from the TXT (or Excel) file, but I do not see an option for that either.
    Any other ideas?
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    This issue started about 2-3 months ago so I do not know the exact date that it started.
    What version .... Help --> About Quicken
    If started a couple of months ago - why not address it then ?
    What about the Quicken Auto Backups - you should have a bunch of those AND any created by any Quicken update.

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