Allocation by Security lists Cash incorrectly, also Asset Allocation lists Cash incorrectly

Depending on which brokerage or IRA accounts I include, the Allocation by Security lists Cash either correctly or incorrectly. It seems to be wrong when one brokerage account in particular is included. If I show just that one account, there is no Cash listed (but there is a cash balance in the account). If I show that one account, plus only one of the other accounts, there is also no Cash listed. If I show all five brokerage and IRA accounts, I see Cash but the total is wrong, by a lot. What could be wrong with that one account?

On another note, the Report > Asset Allocation shows Cash, but if the account(s) holds mutual funds, the total Cash includes the mutual funds.
Is there any way to get Quicken to list Cash correctly in any report?
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Some brokers put your uninvested money in money market "sweep" fund so it does not show as cash in the account. Is that what is happening here?

     The Asset Allocation report shows the allocations you have set or downloaded for your securities, including mutual funds. Money market funds should be 100% in cash but other funds may have part of their assets in cash and that will be reflected in the report.
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  • DericRock
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    This has nothing to do with a "sweep" fund. The cash in the account is shown in the Quicken account register. Why would the Allocation by Security not show the Cash for one account, but show it for another account?

    As for the Asset Allocation, I guess this is meant to be used for brokerage accounts with only funds. The first report you get lists Cash in each fund, plus Large Cap Stocks, Small Cap Stocks, International Stocks, Domestic Bonds and a few other categories. If I click on "Cash" in the first report, I get another report with Cash (which is wrong, just like in the Allocation by Security) and all the funds listed. My own cash in the account register is probably not included...?

    So it appears that the wrong Cash value I am seeing is the amount of cash held by each fund, and not my own cash. It seems not possible to combine accounts with a mix of individual stocks, funds and a register balance of cash. Is that what others experience?

    Should I report these issues as bugs? How can I best do that?
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Let's look at what is supposed to be shown in the Investing > Allocations page.

    First, the total dollar amounts in each panel should be the same within a few pennies and if you have selected all accounts and all securities, should match the total of your investing accounts in the Account Bar.

    The Asset Allocation panel at the top shows shows the selected accounts and securities by asset class. If a security includes Cash in its allocation, that cash will be included in the Cash amount. This may or may not be what you think of as your asset allocation. There are ways to fix this if that is your issue.

    The Allocation by Account panel shows the selected accounts and securities subtotaled by account.

    The Allocation by Security panel shows the securities you hold and does not look at the underlying allocations of the securities. The Cash in that panel should be the total actual cash in the selected accounts.

    I do see an issue when I click on Show full graph under Allocation by security. The percentages are different and the total amount does not include the cash held in the accounts. Also if I click on Show Report, the cash is a large negative number, and the total is different from the graph. 

    But if I go to Reports > Investing > >Portfolio Value, with the same accounts and securities selected (all of each in my case) which should be the same report as above, the values are correct.

    Something strange is going on here. See update below.

    Does this match your observations?  

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  • Jim_Harman
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    Update - Looking further, the large negative amount of cash in the Allocation by Security full graph and report is caused by a long-empty Employee Stock Option account which has caused problems elsewhere as well. If I exclude that account at the top the Allocations page, everything looks OK.

    I think the Allocation by Security full graph is limited so that the Cash (and probably any other security) cannot be negative. This makes sense for a pie chart, which can't show negative values. When I include the account with the large negative bogus cash amount, the cash and the amount in the graph show as zero.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    This issue may be related to this one

    where long-empty Employee Stock Option accounts affected the Investing Dashboard.
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  • David Walsh
    David Walsh Member ✭✭
    The grand total for the Asset Allocation report is simply incorrect. If you tally the subtotals for each category of the report, the result is off by exactly the amount of cash held in investment accounts that is not invested in sweep funds. In other words, the value that appears first in the cash allocation detail noted as "-Cash-" is the amount the report grand total is off by.
  • Rob
    Rob Member ✭✭
    I am experiencing a similar problem. I'm showing different totals in "Investing-Allocations" (lower total) versus the report: Investing/ Investment Asset Allocation, which is higher and has math errors, mostly caused by some cash being counted twice. In the Cash section of this asset allocation report, there are many securities shown, but cash at the top is a separate number, and is also listed at the bottom of tyhe cash section, and counted TWICE in the quicken total. Subtracting the extra cash gets it closer, but the REPORT is still higher than tab: investing allocations. The report seems to be counting all my bank account's cash in the "Investment Report".
  • marybo
    marybo Member
    Like Rob, I also have problems with the "Cash" section of the Investment Asset Allocation report. There are multiple entries in this section, most of which correspond to the percentage of cash in a given investment (e.g. a mutual fund) and those lines make sense. I also have a line at the top (-Cash-) which I can select and see the list of transactions it used to come up with the balance, which is the same as the cost basis for the same line, although I haven't yet figured out why it is choosing those particular transactions. The similar "-Cash-" line at the bottom of my list is a much larger number, and I am unable to open it up to see how it was calculated.
  • Metal Bender
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    I am having an issue with the asset allocation report as well. The 'cash' amount is greatly inflated. I can track this back to a specific account and a specific date from back in 2020, but there is no transaction from that date that is anywhere close to the amount of the discrepancy (overstates cash by over $500,000). The individual account shows the correct cash balance and ties to my brokerage data, but the asset allocation report adds this mystery $500,000+. (wish it was real money!). As a result the allocation percentages are whacko. I have tried a file validate and a file repair, and neither resolved the issue. Looking for some idea how to get this mystery amount out of the report (again, does not appear in the ledger for the account).
  • drbfm
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    9-7-2022 Since updating to R43.20 (Windows 11), the allocation figures are completely off. I am about 28% in International and it is showing 14%; I am just shy of 75% in equity positions (ETF's and stocks) and it is calculating 58% and making large errors on international ETF's that simply are not in cash as the allocation calculation is suggesting. It was accurate before the update yesterday.
  • bfrock01
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    Why can't Quicken just figure this out?? I mean, I use Personal Capital for free and it's always spot on. I'm starting to wonder why I even use Quicken for investment analysis anymore??