How do I create last month budget report? (Q Mac)

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In Windows, it was easy to create a report that compared my spending vs budget.  In Mac, I cannot find that option.


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    You can generate a one-month budget report. It's not pretty, and I don't think it's particularly useful, but you can… ;)
    • Open your budget, and click on the 1-month tab
    • Just under that tab, it shows the current month; click the left arrow to go back to last month
    • File > Print
    The resulting report wastes lots of paper/space, but it captures what you see on the screen. 

    Personally, I would instead go to the 12-month budget, click on Export to CSV, and open the file in Numbers or Excel. Delete all the columns for months other than last month, and you'll have a good, simple budget-to-actual report for last month, on many fewer pages.
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