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The Captial One download problem has been around for some time. One of the users recommending holding down F4 while clicking "About Quicken" in the Help to change that channel. That worked for me...until Quicken provided an update and that feature does not work anymore. Does anyone know how to change the QSC Connection in version R34.20? I'm having to reset or reactive my Capital One account each time I want to download.


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    You don't need to do that any longer. But, there is a procedure that you have to go through with linking third party apps like Quicken to your CapOne account. There used to be a webpage with instructions, but I can't find it right now.
    In a nutshell, one would logon to the website, select the Security page (click avatar, then Security) and choose to add an app. You would then have 10 minutes to run Update Now from Quicken on your desktop/laptop. When done, and before the 10 minutes are up, switch back to bank Security webpage to confirm the action. Done.
    If you're having problems with this, talk to CapOne Support. They should be able to talk you thru the process and get you set up.
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    My account shows that Quicken is linked - just like you have on the screenshot
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    The ability to change channels has been eliminated by Quicken, because they closed down the FDS Channel. Now the only channel ability, is the current one, that Quicken is using. That's why the ability to change channels has been removed.

    If you were to reinstall Quicken back to a older version within the Subscription Version, would cause additional problems, that currently, don't exist.

    My suggestion, would be to work with Quicken Support, to fix the problem, for you. Rather than trying to fix the problem, each time, you need to download.

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    Thank you for the help. Support continues to want to deactivate or reset and seems to think the problem is fixed. It is...for a day. I'll keep working with them on a solution.
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