Is there a special way to enter rent receipts?

I have entered receipts through 06/30/2021 and they appear as income. any transaction entered currently will not show in the rental income or in the account that deposit was made to (Cash on Hand)


  • volvogirl
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    Didn't quite follow your post.  Where isn't the income showing up?  When you enter the payment into cash on hand what category do you put it to?  Do you just get cash for rent payments?  
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    AND, what Q product are you running?  Rental receipts are covered in H&B.
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  • amondoux
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    I have the h&b version. On the screen to record rent receipts there isn't a category. Wouldn't it still show in the transaction for cash on hand just uncategorized? It doesn't show anywhere
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hello @amondoux

    Thank you for confirming what version of Quicken you are using.  When entering a rent payment, the category should be the name of the account where the funds from the actual payment were deposited.

    Please go to the Rental Property tab in Quicken and select the "Properties & Tenants" drop down menu and select "Shown Tenant List".

    In the Tenant List, select the tenant for which you are entering the rent payment/receipt and select the Edit button.

    The rent payment transaction should be recorded in the register of the account listed in the "Account Name" field.

    If I am misunderstanding the situation and you are looking for a record of the created rent receipts, these are found in the Rental Property tab under the Properties & Tenants menu > View Rent Receipts.

    If you are seeing neither the entered rent payment in the account register, or any of the created rent receipts, please let us know.

    Thank you,

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