Can't set up Schwab accounts for download

I have multiple accounts at Charles Schwab and have successfully been downloading transactions in Quicken using Direct Connect for years.

Today I added a new account there and wanted to add it to Quicken.  But when I select Charles Schwab & Co. as the financial institution, Quicken wants me to enter a username and PIN.  There is no PIN for Schwab brokerage accounts, only a password, and Quicken will not accept any password (it displays a little red symbol over to the right of the password field when I enter an alphanumeric password.)

Following a tip I found here, I deactivated downloads for my other Schwab accounts, and now I am unable to reactivate downloads for any of them because of this problem. It seems as if Quicken expects a numeric PIN for Schwab accounts when in fact a numeric PIN is not used and does not exist.



  • Dave in SF
    Dave in SF Member ✭✭✭
    Well, I made progress but still can't add those accounts.  I discovered that if you use the menu item Accounts-->Set Up Transaction Download, as opposed to the way I'd be doing it (editing the account, clicking Downloads, then Connect Account...) you get a completely different list of financial institutions.  I don't know why that would be — seems like a bug to me — but anyway, doing it that way, I get "Charles Schwab Bank - Investor C" as one of the options.

    Although my accounts are Schwab investment accounts, not bank accounts, if I select that choice, I'm able to put in my login in and it does successfully log in.  But then I always get a "Server communication error" and it says "Can't setup 'Charles Schwab Bank - Investor C'"


    So I'm still stuck.
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