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I have some rental properties I track in Quicken. Previously, the values in Quicken when I click "Check for updated Zestimate" matched the Zillow website. However, since July 2021, I have noticed that none of the values have changed in Quicken, but they have all changed on the Zillow website. Its like the connection to Zillow has frozen, or is no longer updating. This is also happening with my primary residence in Quicken, so it seems to be broken for all real property. Any suggestions on what might be the issue here?

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  • Quicken Paloma
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    Hello @Paris1129

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize you are having this issue. Since this is happening with all of your property accounts, I would recommend validating your file, restarting your computer/Quicken session, and attempting to update again. 

    To validate your dataset select File >Validate and Repair File. A visual example is below. 

    Please attempt the steps above and let us know how it goes!

    -Quicken Paloma 
  • mrzookie
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    I've noticed the same. I don't think its a datafile issue. It looks like Zillow may have made some changes on their end and perhaps the interface has not been updated.
  • Roger Miller
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    The Zillow update feature has been broken for a long time, and I don't think it has anything to do with data file corruption. My data file has been validated many times.
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  • Paris1129
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    I tried the File Validation suggestion from above, and it did not do anything. Zillow values still the same from June, even though website has updated values.
  • Jason C3
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    To be fair I have had the same issue with Zillow on at least 2 other finance apps. From what I have gathered it appears to be something on their (Zillows) end. 
  • dalehawaii
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    I had a similar issue where Zillow did not update my property values as it stated there were no Zestimate for the property address. However, I came across this FAQ from @thecreator


    I followed the steps and that solved the issue. Many thanks to @thecreator
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  • thecreator
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    Thank you! Don't forget to click on Helpful. Thanks again.
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  • craigdred
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    That FAQ did not work. That would work only if Quicken didnt have so many bugs and instabilities.. I wish there was an alternative!!
  • Roger Miller
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    > @craigdred said:
    > That FAQ did not work. That would work only if Quicken didnt have so many bugs and instabilities.. I wish there was an alternative!!

    Right. It didn't work for me, either. I just go to Zillow website and look up the value of my home. Then I manually input it into the broken Zillow update box in Quicken. The incremental transaction then gets added to my home asset account register.
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  • I have a different solution to the same problem listed. My Zillow updates stopped working for my home and rental property many months ago, so I have been updating the values manually. When I followed the recommendation to edit the accounts and uncheck the "Use Zestimate" checkbox, Zillow did not recognize the addresses for either property. I have a unique situation that I have stumbled on in the past in web forms ... when I am asked to enter the zip code before the street address, the logic in that web form predetermines the city. However, it chooses the wrong city for my address. Both properties are located in the city of Farmington Hills, but the logic determines that the properties reside in Farmington (a neighboring city). So I decided to edit the addresses in Quicken when walking through the steps to reactivate the Zillow Zestimate feature, changing both properties to the incorrect city of Farmington. Zillow found both properties, and the feature started working again. And I verified that Zillow is looking at the correct properties. Sharing in case this helps a small population of users in a similar situation.
  • Quicken Paloma
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    Hello @Tim Szczensny, 

    Thank you for your keen observation and workaround, it is much appreciated! 

    Please let us know if you have any questions. 

    -Quicken Paloma 
  • Aaron Baker
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    Did not work for my situation. I live in the town of Raymond, but the post office (zip code) is Caledonia. The search does not find my house in Raymond, and "No Zestimate" for the Caledonia address. It works as expected for my last address in Colorado, and was working last year for my current... Have attempted all the suggested repairs, no help. Any ideas?
  • Randy 415
    Randy 415 Windows Beta Beta
    Similar problems here. Zillow in Quicken just shows "No estimate". But the estimate is available on the web site. Have to enter manually. Tried all the fixes. None worked.
  • Brian S.
    Brian S. Member
    Similar here. Have tried all of the fixes. Zillow estimate readily available on it's website, but Quicken shows no estimate available despite recognizing the address.
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