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I installed a new update yesterday and then quit the program. I started back up and enetered a few receipts and updated with the bank and before quitting, i backed up the file. However, it seems like the backup function has changed. I got a message from OneDrive that if I delete a file (I am suspecting the Quicken file), the files will be deleted everywhere. I have not ok'd that yes or no dialog. My question is, has the update changed where my backup file is stored (seems like it saved it on the Desktop). or am I confused and don't understand this operation?


  • Sherlock
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    Quicken has not changed the backup function.  Quicken has changed the selection path to the backup dialog in R34 from:

    File > Backup and Restore > Backup Quicken file...


    File > Copy or Backup File... and Next

    but we may still simply press Ctrl + B to directly open the backup dialog.

    I suggest you maintain and access the Quicken files in a folder on a local drive not being actively maintained by OneDrive.  You may save Quicken backup files to folders being actively maintained by OneDrive.
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