How to show current dividend income

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How can I show my portfolio including dividend values.


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    You wouldn't see dividends in your portfolio view. You can see them in your Transaction register (search for Dividends in the Type field), or you can do a Report like a Transaction report or Summary report and select just the dividend subcategories of Investments.
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    you would see the dividends to the extent they are reinvested......but as part of the share, cost basis and market value basis; there is no separate column for dividends, whether or not reinvested 
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    Mr. Jacobs, is there a way to create a (real) report that will show the dividends paid by SELECTED stocks/funds for a specified period? I can edit a Category Transaction report to show all dividends for a particular Account for a selected time period, but there is no way to narrow it down to one or more selected securities (and filtering/exporting the transaction view to a CSV and massaging it with Excel is clumsy and should not be considered an elegant/acceptable solution in a program like QM).

    The canned Tax Schedule report does list dividend totals by security for any specified period, but again 1) it's a canned report, and 2) it's way more info than I need. I only want dividends for a few securities for a specified period, and then subtotaled if possible.

    Keep in mind that the same security may be in several different accounts, as well.

    All of this was super easy in QM2007, but I won't beat that dead horse any more.
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    Mr. Jacobs, is there a way to create a (real) report that will show the dividends paid by SELECTED stocks/funds for a specified period?
    I can't figure out a way to get such a report.

    The thing to keep in mind is that the current reports engine was designed for banking (checking, savings cash, credit card) accounts and reports, not for investments. So you can get investment information in a report -- such as all dividend income in one or more accounts -- but you can't tailor it to the degree you might wish. For example, investment transactions record the security name as the Payee, you in reports, your securities don't show up in the Payee list, so you can't do a report by Payees and select the securities you wish. There are lots of other examples of investing reports people would like to create, but we have to wait until the developers get around to creating a robust set of reports for investment data.

    You can pretty much get to what you want via the Portfolio view, though. First, select the account you want in the left sidebar, or select Retirement for retirement accounts or Brokerage for non-retirement accounts. Set the date range to the time period you want. In the Search box, type "Dividend Income" to limit the transactions shown to dividend transactions. Now click the heading of the Security/Payee column to sort the report in order by security. If you want a report of some of the securities or not other, select all the ones you want with shift-clicking and command-clicking to select the ones you want, then Print that as a report. It requires you do the set-up work each time, and it doesn't subtotal by security, but it gets what you asked for. 

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