Does Quicken for Mac Deluxe support migration from Windows Business

Ross W
Ross W Member
I would like to migrate from my windows business to mac deluxe - in past there were compatibility issues that prevented it from working - hoping this has been since resolved.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    When you say "Windows Business", are you referring to the Quicken Windows Home & Business version?

    You can move from (any) Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac, with some caveats. First, there is no Home & Business version of Quicken Mac; your data will transfer, but none of the business and rental property features exist. Second, unless there have been any recent improvements in this area, investment transactions of the "X" type (e.g. BuyX, SellX) may not transfer correctly into a separate investment transaction and transfer transaction. Bugets and saved reports do not transfer, nor do attachments. 
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