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I have not been able to download transactions through Direct Connect from any of my bank accounts. I noticed that all my bank account passwords changed to "Not Requited". How can I change this?


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    The "Not Required" message applies to the Express Web Connect connection method.  With EWC your financial accounts login data is saved on a Quicken server, not in the desktop program.  Only Direct Connect login information is saved in the PW Vault.  To eliminate that "Not Required" message you need to upgrade your connection to DC.
    You can verify your connection method for each account by going to Tools > Account List > Transaction Download column.  That column will show whether or not your accounts are set up for transaction downloads and which connection methods they are set up with. 
    One exception to this: If an improved connection method is available Account List will show that instead of the connection method it is currently set up with.  If you click on the Edit button for that account it will take you to the Edit Account Details popup where you can then click on the Online Services tab to see which connection method it is currently set up with.
    If you want to upgrade to the improved connection method you can do that by clicking on the blue improve connection link (either on the Online Services tab of Account Details or in the Transaction Download Column of Account List.  That will start the process and follow the prompts. 
    Regarding upgrading to Direct Connect: Not all financial institutions support Direct Connect.  Of those that that do, you should check with them to see if they require a unique User ID and/or PW for DC.  And you should check with them to see if they will charge you a monthly fee for DC service (some do, some do not).

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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