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Clicking on the SPENDING Tab, I have the options to create 'Income', 'Spending' & 'Spending without Taxes' Pie Charts. The 'Income' version does not include stock transaction capital gains (which I like to include) and the 'Spending' version includes transactions between accounts (which I would like to exclude). I would appreciate any assistance. Thank you.


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    The Spending tab is intended as a quick overview of your spending and a place to fix any uncategorized transactions, and does not have a lot of options.

    To get a more detailed view of your spending, you can go to Reports > Spending > Itemized categories or one of the other spending reports and click on the gear at the top right of the report to customize it. You can pick the accounts and categories you want to include. To control how transfers are handled, click on the Advanced tab. In the Transfers section, Exclude internal will exclude transfers between accounts you have selected for the report. Exclude all will exclude all transfers.

    It's up to you, but I do not like to include capital gains as "income" when I think about spending. To see your taxable capital gains, you can use to the Tax > Capital Gains report. 

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    Thank you very much for your prompt reply Jim. As a long term (Australian) Quicken user I am pretty literate and familiar with the general features of this program. I only moved from a fully paid license to this subscription model in the hope to see a few more graphic and other options, but so far not all that many advantages that I can detect. In fact Quicken now takes a full 10 seconds to open under the subscription model, with an instant response for the fully paid version. So not sure if I will continue my current annual subscription when it is due.
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