How to update - Home & Business 2000?


I am using my faithful Home & Business 2000 but it has some weird screen behavior under Windows 10. There are updates to Quicken 2004 and 2013 Deluxe available but how can I restore the Business funcionality?

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Priit Lilleleht


  • Tom Young
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    "how can I restore the Business funcionality?"
    Over at
    where the update process is described, Quicken (the company) makes it clear that although the 2013 download is Deluxe it works with all "flavors" of Quicken.  They don't make that clear about the 2004 download - also "Deluxe" - but you'd expect that Quicken (the company) would know that whatever program is needed in the migration might encounter all the various Quicken versions.
    I'd say make a good backup and go for it.  Of course you'd need a Business version of whatever product you moved up to in order to have the business functionality.