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I wish that the Quicken folks would talk to each other and not create "features" in a vaccum without echoing the same info across all feature sets - Desktop --> Web --> Mobile App.
I was playing with both Q on Web and the Mobile App - and noticed the basic sidebar menu is not really consistent with the desktop basic sidebar Account List.
The desktop Accounts have the subtle line (as checkmarked in Online Display) for - Spending, Savings, Retirement, Investment.  But Q on the Web does not see that, and groups "Savings" into the "Cash & Checking".
Down on the Investments - everything these days is a "Brokerage" and there is again no line for "Retirement".

QWin - R54.16 - Win10


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    And from a recent thread:

    The field called Memo on the Desktop is called Notes on Quicken Web, which is really confusing since there is a Notes field in Quicken Desktop that isn't synced to Quicken Web.
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    yeah - I don't get it.... I was always making final checks on presentations given me before heading out to clients...
    All front end titles must match any chapters later on, etc - like a book - TOC vs Chapter headings.
    Next - screen and field names - again match from one place to the next - no subtle word changes...

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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