Quicken says I have an online bill payment to send, but there are none (with fix)

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When I go to exit quicken, it pops up a dialog box saying: "You have online payments to send. Do you want to send them before exiting?". I'm running Quicken Premier version R33.24, build on Windows 10.

If I select "Yes" it brings up the Online Center but that does not show any unsent payments and selecting "Update/Send" only shows "Download latest transactions and balances" and "Bring my payment information up to date" so doing this does not help, when I try again to exit Quicken, I get the same dialog box saying: "You have online payments to send. Do you want to send them before exiting?".

I've spent over an hour online with support trying all manner of verification and repair and in the end the only solution I was offered was to reload an old backup from before the problem happened, which I did, the problem went away, I reentered all my missing transactions, life was good. Then the problem returned, I *think* because I requested a status update on an online payment from a month ago (attached). The payment has been allocated a check number (rather than showing "Send", but the payment status shows as "request ready to send" and of course it is way past its delivery date (just over 20 days as of today).

That payment has not been delivered (the bank somehow messed it up) and it cannot be cancelled because "it is too late to cancel the payment". The best solution seems to be to delete the transaction (and call the bank telling them not to pay it) at which point Quicken is no longer confused and life goes back to normal.

So my complaint is not that this problem happened, bugs happen, it is that none of the diagnostics, or the Quicken support person I called pinpointed the problem which seemingly was the the transaction which "needed to be sent", leaving me to do that for myself. I can supply a quicken database with the problem does anyone want to look at it?


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    I suggest you report the problem to Quicken: select Help > report a problem...
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    Good idea, done. Annoying that the description field does not seem to allow carriage returns so all the paragraphs run on into one long one but hopefully it'll still make sense.
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