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I normally update my stock quotes every few days, and get quotes for every day the market is open. I was out of town for 6+ weeks. When I returned and updated, the most recent 4 weeks downloaded daily quotes, however the prior 2 weeks only downloaded Friday quotes. Is this normal behavior? Is there a way to retrieve daily quotes for these two missing weeks?


  • John_in_NC
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    It is normal to lose resolution when downloading older historical quotes.

    You can, however, download a CSV file containing daily quotes from a provider of your choice. (Yahoo Finance is one common one.) You can then import then price history into the Securities:Price History.

    Be sure your CSV is formatted as noted. Follow the steps, and it is easy to do.

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    Note that for importing security price history as John posted above, you need to do it one security at a time. If you have a few, it's pretty easy, but if you have a lot, it can be a bit of work.

    I'd also ask yourself whether there is significance to having the daily prices in your Quicken data. That is, will you in some way make use of the security prices on those missing eight days? If one of those days was a month-end, then you likely want the correct prices in your data so your investment portfolio as of the end of the month matches your brokerage statement. (You can enter a manual closing price for a date on the same screen shown above, security by security.) For my tracking of investments, I don't think I'd notice or care if a few days were missing, as long as the missing dates don't create any weird spikes in your portfolio graphs. Just a thought… 
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