Problem with checking and credit card accts from same bank

This had been going on for years, but now made worse with my recent Quicken Deluxe update (Windows 10).

I have a checking account from my bank that downloads normally using Express Web Connect. I also have a credit card from the same bank. However, this account never has downloaded normally, I have always had to enter a PIN at the One Step Update screen, not a big deal.

Coincidentally, I have a new CC# for this card and have tried changing the number in my Account List settings like I always have (deactivate, change #, reactivate, link to...). Now it seems like when I try this, Quicken wants to redo my checking account and have it added as a new account or linked to another account which is dormant and not used. On the same pop-up, I can see the credit card and it WILL allow me to link it to my existing account.

When I go online outside of Quicken, I can see both checking and credit card accounts using one login name and one password. Note that these are NOT the same as my Quicken log and password, not sure how or when this happened.

I recall setting up the credit card years ago separately from the checking and I somehow used my SSN and my ATM pin to set up the card. Now it seems that Quicken uses this data to access BOTH my checking and CC.

Somehow, I think I need to reset the way my checking and credit card is set up in Quicken, but of course I do not want to lose the link between years and years of data or to set up new accounts.

I know this is rambling, but I think someone out there knows what I am talking about and will be able to help. Many thanks!


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock Member ✭✭✭✭
    I suggest you save a Quicken file backup (press Ctrl + B).

    Once you have saved the Quicken file backup, you should be able to restore your Quicken file should you run into any difficulty reestablishing the connectivity.

    After you have deactivated the Online Services of all the registers associated with the financial institution and cleared the name of the financial institution on the General tabs, when you activate the Online Services of one of the registers, Quicken should provide a list of all of the accounts it finds at the financial institution and enable you to link the accounts to the appropriate existing registers.  You may want to review:

  • pfrank
    pfrank Member ✭✭
    Sherlock, thank you so much! Done and done!