Editing/deleting a transfer in the "from" account changes the transfer in the "to" account

I have recently started using the current version of Quicken for Windows 10. To get started, I downloaded a few months of transactions from three bank accounts and imported them into three Quicken accounts. These accounts have many transfers between them. For each of the transfers from Account A to Account B, for example, "TXFR" appears in the Check # field, and in the Category field I selected [Account B]. I then reconciled Account A month by month, so that the Quicken Ending Balance agreed with the Online Balance. As a next step, I began to reconcile Account B in a similar fashion. The Quicken register for this account listed a transfer that is not listed in the bank statement for this account, so I deleted it. When I did so, a corresponding transaction was automatically deleted from Account A. This same problem occurred with many transactions in Account B. Consequently, by the time I finished reconciling Account B there was a very large difference between the Quicken Balance and the Online Balance for Account A.

I find this mystifying. Any suggestions about how I can set up Quicken or manage transfers between accounts so that this problem doesn't occur?


  • Eric L Dahl
    Eric L Dahl Member
    I eliminated this problem by creating a new Quicken data file and, instead of downloading and importing transactions, I used Express Web Connect to bring the transactions into Quicken. All the transfers were recorded properly and no adjustments were needed when reconciling the accounts.
  • Eric L Dahl
    Eric L Dahl Member
    However, I wonder if I will have this problem if I import older transactions so my Quicken accounts start on 01/01/2021.
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    What was the type of the file imported?  QFX or QIF?

    With QIF Quicken doesn't do all the processing it will do with QFX (Web Connect) or Express Web Connect or Direct Connect.

    It sort of sounds like you had transfers that weren't matched between the two accounts.
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