New Issue with Fidelity Brokerige Link - Incorrectly "Selling" Fidelity Cash Reserves

Hi, I've had a recent issue pop up where Quicken seems to be picking up a transaction that isn't really there according to Fidelity in my Brokeridge Link account for my 401k. What they say is happening is that transactions are being "settled" a few days after they go through, but Quicken is picking this up as a SOLD for Fidelity Cash Reserves. My Cash Reserves balance is $0 and should be $0. Quicken correctly picks up the transfer in, and then the distributions, which brings that overall transaction to $0, but then a few days later I get this additional SOLD for FCR and it's causing a negative balance that shouldn't be there.

I've been using quicken and Fidelity for years and never had this issue, it just popped up a couple of months ago. One thing I noticed is that I used to have a small FCR balance (about $500) but ended up selling ALL of it to bring my FCR balance to $0. It seems that after that was done, these phantom transactions started getting pulled. Could this be connected?


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    Did you have, for a short period, cash in the account that Fido swept to a bank account?  That would show as a sell.
    Could such cash have been a dividend, or a contrib that you made buy hadn't yet invested?
    BTW, I'm a Fido customer also.

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