transactions not loading

My subscription renewed in March 2021, but I have no activity since before the renewal date.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @KMac  If you want help from the user community here, you'll need to provide a bit more information, including: what version of Quicken Mac are you running, what version of macOS, what financial institution(s) do you have set up in Quicken for downloading, what connection method(s) is each one set to use (e.g. Direct Connect, Quicken Connect?), and what happens when you click the Update All Online Accounts button or menu selection?

    Or you might prefer to contact Quicken Support by phone, where a support representative can screen-share your Quicken to help you work through whatever isn't working. 
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  • KMac
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    @jacobs - thanks for your suggestions. Nothing has loaded in several months. i will check my set up and also contact support.
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