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Once everyone that is using Express Web Connect is switched to QCS will it work like Quicken Connect

I doubt I will get an answer to this question, but I would really mean a lot to your customers to know how this works and have more confidence in it.

If I look at the description of the connection methods Express Web Connect/Quicken Connect at the bottom it says that Quicken Connect is different and doesn't use a scheduled aggregator.

Since the start of the year Quicken Windows has been pushing to change over everyone using Express Web Connect using FDS to connect to QCS to connect.

This gives the impression that the Express Web Connect and Quicken Connect would now "merge" and both Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac use the same system.

Is this the intent?

It hardly seems likely since with the switch to QCS the users were notified that their usernames and passwords are stored on a server and as such are no longer stored in the Password Vault.  What's more it is clear that the "schedule aggregation system" is still being used even if the user is switch to QCS because people still see the Intuit servers logging in at night.
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