Ability to ADD a column to a standard Portfolio Value Report

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Would like to add column ASSET class to standard Portfolio Value Report which i subtotal by account... I do not want to use the Portfolio Value report and subtotal by asset class because then I can't see subtotal by account.


  • NotACPA
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    Are you asking for 2 level subtotaling?  Once by account and then by asset class?
    Q, currently, doesn't offer that.
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  • Wayneok1
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    No need to do 2 level subtotaling. I just want to add a column that shows the asset class (just like there is a column for number of shares.
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    Most (all?) investment reports cannot be altered for columns included. 
    Edit—poorly stated. Should have said, Column selection is very limited. 
    You may have better luck customizing a portfolio view and then printing that. 
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