I need a date format change - "08/01/21" is instead formatted as "/0801/21".

Just upgraded to Mac Subscription (currently, v6.2.2) and pulled in my file from a previous version.

It appears all previous entries have ported over fine. However, the dates (while accurate) are all in an odd format.

For instance, Today...01AUG21....whichg should be formatted as "08/01/21" is instead formatted as "/0801/21".

How can I remedy this?


  • lhossus
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    I would look at System Preferences. This is where Quicken gets its instructions for dealing with Dates.

    In System Preferences, select Language & Region. In that panel, click on the Advanced... button in the bottom right corner.

    Now click on the Dates tab. You should see a format labeled Short with an entry / 4 1 / 76 
    Like this:

    To fix this problem, click on and drag the Month element (the "4") in the Short format to the left of the slash character. It should now look like this:


    Then click OK.

    [Edit to add]
    You will also need to restart Quicken for this system change to be recognized within the program.
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  • John_in_NC
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    This isn't a Quicken setting. You need to look at your Mac's Preferences: Language & Region Settings. That is where those funky date formats are being derived from.

    It sounds like some custom date format has been toyed around with in the past.

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