Selling Shares But not Enough Available

I am using Quicken 2017 on Windows 10. I am in a brokerage account and am trying to sell 119 shares when I have 417 shares of the security. When I try and save the transaction, Quicken tells me I'm trying to sell more than the # of shares I have and that I only have 47 shares available. The 119 shares were incorrectly assigned to a security of a similar name (same symbol though) as the correct security (3 letters different). The incorrect security holds only the sold shares (negative balance). Why is this?


  • Keith A
    Keith A Member
    Sorry, I am using windows 10 quicken subscription. Release 34.24
  • splasher
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    How can you have two different securities with the same symbol?  Sounds like that is the root of your issue.
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  • Keith A
    Keith A Member
    The names assigned in quicken are slightly different but the symbols exactly the same. I figured it out. Thanks