Connecting Edward Jones accounts

I have a new Edward Jones account. When I try to set it up, it searches for my accounts and then says "oops, there is a problem" It gives a cc501 error. I chatted with quicken tech support, said there is some sort of scrip problem with edward jones that has been escalated to some team, and there is nothing he can do till they figure it out. So how will i know when this is resolved, do I just have to keep trying over, and over, and over? I have been trying to set this up for more than two weeks now.


  • splasher
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    Edward Jones bases some of their security protocol on the IP address of the computer that is connecting for the download.  It remembers the IP address when you connect to their website, so try going to their website before setting up the account for download and see if that helps.
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  • David59
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    PROBLEM FIXED: I'm a MAC user, Version 6.2.2 (Build 602.39004.100), and was unable to access Edward Jones accounts via Quicken for many weeks. Called Edward Jones tech support today...they fixed my problem within 2 minutes. Apparently the "feature code" within EJ environment to allow me to connect Quicken to EJ account needed to be re-enabled.
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