complicated share purchase

Units i own in a real estate partnership were recently purchased, with the consideration payable partly in cash, partly in common shares of the buying entity (I already own shares of this category), and partly in preferred shares of the buying entity. Any ideas as to how i might enter this in Quicken. Nothing jumps out at me.


  • Sherlock
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    From your description thus far, it sounds like one Sold and two Bought transactions.
  • Frankx
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    Hi @rjabrams,

    Can you give us some additional information that will help us to understand the transaction?

    Is this real estate partnership a publicly-traded entity, or is this a private entity?  And if it is the former, can you tell us the names of the seller and buyer?

    Can you share any more details (perhaps on a per-partnership unit basis) of the transaction and specifically the number of shares you owned in the original partnership as well as the specific details of new holdings?

    Have you received any information related to the taxability of the transaction, and if so, how has the transaction supposed to be handled for tax purposes?

    Any additional information will be helpful.


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