How do I resolve Quicken 2015 QDF file conversion problem?

Added my Quicken subscription to a second computer, but when I converted the qdata file on that computer it added hundreds of duplicate entries, making the balance more than $100,000 off. Would be nice to have an extra $100k, but other than finding and removing the bogus entries, how do I correct this? Thanks


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    Just to clarify.... What version on each computer - .... Help --> About Quicken
    and how did you get the Quicken QDF file onto the 2nd computer ?
    Hopefully you realize that you can't really share the QDF file between 2 computers -
    but you can shuttle a copy back and forth as long as you realize which computer has the baton ...
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    I'm not following along with you here.  So you installed Quicken on a second computer - I've done that too - but why are you using the term "converted" here?  You should be able to simply copy your data file over to the new computer and the program will read it in the same fashion that it opens and uses that file on your old computer.
    Did you move from a Mac to a Windows computer, or vise versa?
  • The qdata file on the second computer is a different file with different accounts.
  • PS56K2, same answer as above....My family maintains different accounts for different people on different computers. I don't understand what happened on the second computer. Worked perfectly on the installation on the first one, and I went through the same steps on the second one with the different qdata file, which was perfectly balanced on the previous cd-disc based installation.
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    What version was the data file from?  Did you have an older version of Quicken on the second computer? 
  • yes from a cd-disc based Q 2015 installation. Had the same older version on both computers
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    ok - just to clarify...
    You have different computers - all were running Q2015 -
    Each with their own DIFFERENT and not shared/copied QDF file.
    You have now purchased the Quicken subscription
    and DOWNLOADED and installed the program from the Quicken website ?
    if not.... what exactly did you do ?
    You open Quicken on the 2nd computer - and it reads the existing Q2015 QDF file and .....???
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  • Yes, the first part is exactly what I did. When I opened the installation on the second computer and it asked for what database to open, I browsed to the existing qdata file, but when I then opened Quicken, the balance said around $128k, when it should have been about $1,300. When I paged through the file I found hundreds of bogus entries (all duplicates of 2 or 3 debits and 2 deposits, all, it appears, from another year far back in the DB). I could find them because they did not have the "r" for reconciled in the reconcile column. I removed as many as I could find, but the balance is still off by about $500....I know, that's not much, and I suppose I could just do a correction next time I balance, but, come on, I shouldn't have had to go through this or do that. The account balanced perfectly before.
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    And it might help to say what Windows OS versions are on the 2 computers.  Are they the same?  And when did you get the duplicate transactions?  When you OPENED the existing 2015 data file or when you first downloaded transactions into the new version?  You don't convert a data file you just open it.  

    You might still have the original 2015 data file so try opening it again in the new version.  Make a copy first.  Or try to open a backup file.  
  • It's the current version of Windows 10 on both computers. And yes, when you first open the subscription version of Quicken on a new computer with a 2015 db, it MUST convert the datafile...that is in the installation software. I am not an idiot and I'm not making this up, just a frustrated user, who tried to do everything right and then spent hours trying to correct a problem created by the software. I did not download transactions from ANYWHERE, because the DB was NOT on the internet, only on the resident computer. Again, the previous installation was Q2015 installed from a CD Disc in 2015. That DB file goes back about 20 years (I'd have to check to get the exact year we started using the system. Our data has never been in the cloud and we do not plan to do that. Thanks for your help, and please forgive the frustration.
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    Must be a computer guy - with the jargon....  yeah, a lot of us have lived that life...
    We are all just peer users here - and don't know exactly what you did, since we are not there....
    Normally - you download the new Quicken program - run the installer - it installs.... done -
    Next you OPEN the QDF file - and it might briefly say it is "converting" and then it's done.
    Would have been nice to have all the details in the first posting.... as it was just "duplicate entries" at that point.
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    Sometimes minor data corruption can become major when a file is converted to a newer version of Quicken. I always suggest performing a File Copy and File Validate in the old version before upgrading if conversion will occur.

    I presume you still have QW2015 and an old copy of the data on the old PC. Perform those steps there, then move the data file to the new PC. Hopefully you'll have better luck.
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